Make-Up Monday: Sunday Riley & dark circles

2 or 3 weeks ago I mentioned that I bought several skin care items from Sunday Riley and was desperate to see some change! Well, maybe I left out the desperate part, but it’s a pretty accurate description. I started out alternating nights with the Luna Oil and Good Genes, until one night I was so exhausted I completely forgot to put one of them on after washing my face. So, the next night I used Good Genes and decided to stick with it for the next two weeks before posting my thoughts.

Now, while I was alternating for about 5 nights I did notice a different in my skin. I believe I used the Luna Oil first and woke up the next morning to noticing some more life in my skin. AMAZING! Honestly, I really liked using the Luna Oil more (I believe that is only because I oil cleanse) and a little bit of the Luna Oil goes a long way.

Back on topic! The bottle states that you should use 2-3 pumps each night. WHOA! I do not have a small face and one pump works just fine. I can’t imagine using 2-3 pumps each night for this price. Yes, this stuff works really well and has made a huge difference in my skin, but I find no need to use that much of the product. Another reason why I wouldn’t use that much of the product is because I can still feel it on my face when I get in the shower. Every morning as I get into the shower and the water hits my face I can also feel the product sliding down my face. I’m not sure whether this is supposed to happen or not, but it does. This stuff gets sucked up by my skin, I am one of those people who rolls around in bed and most nights/mornings my head is sandwiched between two pillows, and it’s on my face for at least 8 hours. Once I realized I can feel it on my face as the water hits it, I was instantly relieved I only use one pump. 

Overall, great product! It does what it says it’ll do. I didn’t have any reactions to the product and I really like how it makes my skin look more alive. 

Next up, dark circles:

Last week I watched Nicole Guerriero’s video about concealing dark circles and OMG, I’m so glad I watched it. Like her, I’ve got some heredity circles and lately I’ve been feeling a bit self-conscious about them. I went out to found the NYX Dark Circle Concealer in Medium and tried patted it under my eyes when I immediately got into the car. In the natural light I noticed a huge difference. This morning was the first time I used it in my routine and I really really really like it. I love how it counteracts with the blue-ish tones. I used a different brush, but had to apply a very light pressure. As I type this, it’s been 12 hours since I applied it, I went to my weight training session and IT IS STILL THERE. NO LINES.

It was only $6 and some change, so go buy one!

Have any of you tried these products? Thoughts? Suggestions on other similar products?


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