Struggles & Updates

I’m going to get right into it –

1) I’ve been struggling with my health the last 2.5ish years.These struggles have taken a toll on me physically. While I’m really in tune with my body and how it works, it was also a time for me to learn more about my body as I’ve aged.

Finances were tight when I was taking care of my dad and I wasn’t eating much due to the busy-ness of my schedule. Yet, I managed to gain weight from stress, sadness, depression, and anxiety. When I was a teenager and while in college my body had the opposite reaction. It was definitely shocking for me to finally notice, when I finally took care of myself after my dad passed, that I gained the weight I did.

Several years ago I did the HCG diet and had great success. (I know, there’s some controversy over this diet, but people need to be well educated about it and be ready to actually do it).  I completed one round and maintained. I had intentions to complete another round, but life events deterred my from doing so. I learned a lot about myself having to commit to a strict list of foods to consume. I realized that, at times, I had no portion control. I didn’t binge, but there were poor choices. In addition, I might learn that certain foods provoke my allergies. I already know dairy provokes my life (my body doesn’t like casein!), but there might be something else that I need to cut out.

So, I’m back on the HCG diet and it’s been 11 days. I’ve had great results. At times a struggle… I really miss my Greek yogurt and granola or cheerios in the mornings! However, this is something that I need to do for myself and my future.

I almost view this as a fast as opposed to a diet, because it happens to fall into the Lent season. I didn’t grow up practicing Lent and I only first participated about 10 years ago due to Blood:Water Mission‘s 40 Day of Water campaign. I’m practically revisiting the 40 Days of Water commitment because I am drinking SO much water it’s not even funny.

I entered this HCG round with having been off anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. My body is severely detoxing from them, sugar in all forms, carbs, and fats. Despite the drastic change, my mind has been clear. I haven’t had any deep emotional episodes that I was warned of going off the meds. I had a few this year, but not nearly as bad when I was on these medications.

I’m really excited for the results, the changes in my life, and the changes that are taking place for me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It’s like I’m getting a life makeover, in some ways.

2) I’ve started a part time job that is taking up a lot of spare time. I’m not the most passionate about the job, but I have a lot of personal experience that encourages me to keep up with the job. It’s in financial planning and there’s information that some people just need to know and know how to plan properly. I’ve had various experiences in life with different aspects of financial planning and that’s what gives me the encouragement to go forth with it. In addition, I do need the extra money!

3) I struggle with wanting to get out of bed. Sometimes it’s due to comfort, most of the time it’s due to wanting to sleep more. There are some mornings I show up to work with the bare minimum of looking acceptable because I have to rush to get ready. There are also mornings that I thank God for my radar detector because I have definitely driven well over the speed limit.

4) As I progress with losing weight and what not, I’m going to document it. I don’t plan to become an HCG expert and I don’t plan to keep up the restrictive list. I’ve been watching baking videos on YouTube, hahaha, there’s no way I can stay with that restrictive list. Plus, I have a birthday cake to bake in a month!

5) I need to get some of the topics I keep writing in my bullet journal on here. There’s so many!

What struggles are you facing right now? What things have changed for you recently? How can I pray for you?


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