Make-up Monday: beautyblender & Tarte


For Christmas my mom bought me a beautyblender, which was really funny because I bought her one in November after her emergency surgery. I popped over to Nordstrom’s and bought her what I called a You’re A Champ! gift. I got her a beautyblender and several masks. She returned the favor by buying me one for Christmas!

I know I just wrote about my Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brushes! I am still excited to have them and have used the smaller one around my nose, but I’ve been using this beautyblender since Christmas day. I thought about buying one for myself and never got around to it. According to the ladies at Sephora the black beautyblender cleans better. It cleans great. Is there that big of a different between the pink vs. black beautyblender? (that’s me asking you guys, I’m not going to get into comparison of my mom’s vs. my beautyblender!)

I have used the same amount of product, it blends out and finishes smoothly, and my concealer looks a lot better! Using this beauty blender makes me want to go out and buy the little green ones (how adorable!) and the blotterazzi. I think the blotterazzi would be great to take along for during the day because I have oily skin. The micro.minis look like they would be great for concealing. The side of my nose/inner corner of my eye area is dark and  I lighten them with concealer, but these micro.minis will probably reach that area even better! My mom uses powder foundation from time to time and she says the beautyblender works great.

Honestly, after my mom expressed her excitement and how much she liked the beautyblender, I was a little jealous. JEALOUS NO MORE!

Okay, then my mom bought me the Tarte In Bloom palette. I had asked for this because I needed to have more matte shadows in my life. I have been consistently using both Tartelette palettes since Christmas. These shadows are so creamy, blendable, and have very little fall out. I like that I can create day and evening looks with this palette, add a little shimmer and have liner. In fact, only a few times have a pulled out my liquid liner when using these shadows! That is amazing because I’m known amongst my friends for my steady liquid liner hand.

My hooded lids are so happy with this palette!

What make up items did you get for Christmas? Any new items? Repeats?


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